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Can you supply other sizes?

Unfortunately, we can only supply the sizes listed. If you require bespoke sizes, your local carpenter/joiner, should be able to produce & supply to your specific requirements

Can your thresholds be used for wood or tiled floors?

Cotswold Thresholds were designed for carpet & vinyl flooring areas & are not rebated along the length. For wood or tiled floors, the threshold would have to just 'sit alongside' the edge of the flooring, with any gaps having to be filled, so not really suitable.

The 'wood flooring trade' produce a range of thresholds that are rebated along the length, so they 'overlap' & sit on top of the wood, concealing the edge. They also offer different thicknesses for laminate & engineered wood. This type of threshold can also be used with ceramic & quarry tiled floors & is more suitable.

What if the product I ordered is defective, incorrect or damaged?

If you receive any items that are defective, incorrect or damaged, please complete the 'contact' page on the website, with details, so we have the necessary information to rectify the problem.

What is your return policy?

Items can be returned for any reason within 14 days of delivery. Please complete the 'contact' page on the website, so we have the necessary information to arrange the return. Any refund due, will be paid when the returns are received.