Each threshold is supplied with brackets & screws for nailing or screwing to the floor. As an alternative, the threshold can be simply glued to the floor using a strong adhesive.


Each threshold has been rebated underneath to accommodate the brackets, which only protrude out on the carpet sides, so they are concealed under the carpet.


In doorways, the threshold is usually positioned so it is concealed underneath the closed door. The floor coverings are then fitted against the threshold the same as the edges of the room.

Note: The thresholds are supplied in 1m & 2m lengths. When altering the length to fit the doorway, equal amounts should be cut from both ends, to ensure the fixing brackets remain central to the doorway.


The thresholds are all 14mm high which may be lower than the combined height of a very thick carpet & underlay. The same height is not necessary, but if required, consider adding a strip of plywood under the threshold to raise it to the required level.